Someone who dares to connect her heartbeat to the Universe

Art throughout centuries has served humans as a medium of expression and catharsis. There have been tendencies as have been Artists who have materialised or projected their issues, traumas, dreams, protests, emotions and proposals. Many are the subjects that can be studied through the Arts and if appreciated can teach us about our lives and […]

Getting closer

Most of the questions about our origins have been a problem for centuries. Now, it seems that science is getting closer to some answers, however, another question comes to my mind: is it really important to know when and how everything started? Maybe it is just about a reflection, maybe our beginning will tell us […]

‘Stars are heavenly bodies that originated in darkness’ -Olaf Stampf, Der Spiegel.

The birth of a star. Der Spiegel.

A German-American Project Peeks into the Birthplace of Stars – SPIEGEL ONLINE. I am speechless about the dazzling description of ‘The birth of a star’. Even though there are still many specific details to be determined about this phenomenon of nature, it is fascinating to be able to know about a glimpse of the wonderful […]