A Tale of Order and Chaos… In the morning one wakes up, perhaps in the commute one smokes a cigarette, go to work, do what one has to do –everything proper– and comes back home. But just then, at that time of freedom after everything that has been dictated as necessary happens, one has the […]

CONNECTIONS AND THEIR BEAUTY: The science of love: How “positivity resonance” shapes the way we connect | Brain Pickings

Despite the title of the present article that could make us believe that the concept of love will be cut into pieces for analysis, the book that is recommended not only talks about how love works in our bodies and minds, but also its presence among people and its importance for those that connect to […]

Open yourself and act like if you are in love, and you will be.

Some people say that being in a relationship is not easy, some others haven’t found someone to spend their lives with. I don’t believe there is an absolute answer that can help us to create nice relationships, but is in each couple to discover what are the key points to make their life together successful. […]