Someone who dares to connect her heartbeat to the Universe

Art throughout centuries has served humans as a medium of expression and catharsis. There have been tendencies as have been Artists who have materialised or projected their issues, traumas, dreams, protests, emotions and proposals. Many are the subjects that can be studied through the Arts and if appreciated can teach us about our lives and […]

CONNECTIONS AND THEIR BEAUTY: The science of love: How “positivity resonance” shapes the way we connect | Brain Pickings

Despite the title of the present article that could make us believe that the concept of love will be cut into pieces for analysis, the book that is recommended not only talks about how love works in our bodies and minds, but also its presence among people and its importance for those that connect to […]

20 Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Day | strong blogs

I love quotes, sometimes they are right what you need to read to start something, and some other times they work as reinforcement of your own ideas. Whatever is your case, here is a post with 20 quotes to inspire. Pick yours :)! 20 Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Day | strong blogs.  

Look at your fear and say: ‘I know you exist, I’m just not afraid of you anymore’

I love positive thinking and I try to built my life upon it, however, when the┬ácircumstances┬ádemand it, a harsh talk may be necessary to look at the possibilities around you. This is one of the best inspirational videos I’ve seen, that relies in a negative affirmation that leads you to jump to the side of […]