The Unexpected Arrival of a Pumpkin Muffin

A fine cold autumn morning Hannah came out of bed tired so she started her day rather slowly. She went out to go to work and saw the streets busier than in other mornings which gave her a slight feeling of dissatisfaction that was normally related to the business of life in the city. Then […]

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. An Expression of the Contemporary Worker Through the Sound of Daft Punk

Many of us struggle through life trying to make a good decision, most of the time, the best possible decision, either in the supermarket, the clothing store and in our personal lives when we choose a job, a friend, or a companion. But what happens when the meaning of a good decision looks blurred against […]

20 Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Day | strong blogs

I love quotes, sometimes they are right what you need to read to start something, and some other times they work as reinforcement of your own ideas. Whatever is your case, here is a post with 20 quotes to inspire. Pick yours :)! 20 Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Day | strong blogs.  

Look at your fear and say: ‘I know you exist, I’m just not afraid of you anymore’

I love positive thinking and I try to built my life upon it, however, when the circumstances demand it, a harsh talk may be necessary to look at the possibilities around you. This is one of the best inspirational videos I’ve seen, that relies in a negative affirmation that leads you to jump to the side of […]

Following the road to a fulfilling life!

Sometimes changes come to us unexpectedly, right when you think everything is just in its right place and all those things  you were hoping to achieve are at hand, something happens and moves your world, and it would be helpful if we were able to control the magnitude of those movements, but usually we can’t, […]