DAY 29

An Architect is a deviser, maker or creator of anything, one of their fortunes is the extent of innovation and reinvention they may apply in their creations. An Architect may exist in any affair of life, whether tangible or intangible and so, the possibility of being an architect is in all of us.

Resonant Architecture

Thus, after one has gone through the mist of our chaotic minds, accepting and renouncing everything, levitating in the obscurity of our mute cries, one can finally be serene among figures and colours of possibilities that rest in a blank space where no limits or rules are accepted but those established by the creator, who is, and can only be, the one manifesting those same possibilities by looking at them directly.

This is a potentially new world to be created out of pieces of our own past, it is a time of renewal and creation, a  moment of making choices about what, where and why; a time of absolute freedom when one may take a different or the same approach to life and choose. We must give us pause. These pieces are the result of an explosion that gives way to a new life, each potential part of our new creation was once a fragment of an experience, therefore, we should be conscious about what we choose.

In creation it is important to be in-tune with the choices we make, as long as they are not based in our comfortable zone. In the pull and push of choosing and creating we should be guided by the feeling of making the right thing even if it strains our insides in something that we must reflect upon. We may explore a combination of reasoned choices that pass through the inspection of our hearts.

Death is the road to awe.

In the recognition of what was and has been, we may decide upon the things we want to leave behind, if not forever, at least for the sake of the new cycle; and which things we take with us to continue their development or transform them.

Drei Köningen, Tank Architecture

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