The Unexpected Arrival of a Pumpkin Muffin

A fine cold autumn morning Hannah came out of bed tired so she started her day rather slowly. She went out to go to work and saw the streets busier than in other mornings which gave her a slight feeling of dissatisfaction that was normally related to the business of life in the city. Then she rode her bike to the subway and felt it was particularly heavier and stiffer than in any other day and so, she had to physically make an extra effort which made her focus only on the road. By the time Hannah left the bicycle at the station she felt relaxed and in a better mood, a happy improvement indeed. During the last part of her commute to work -since the daily trip was quite long- she felt easy and strangely quiet in her thoughts, not much to be said or to listen to, just in a quiet state without noticing anything in particular but the sensation of a crisp, sharp coldness outside the bus.

At her arrival to the office, Hannah was already enjoying a playful sensation of coldness in her cheeks whilst the rest of her body had kept warm out of the exercise and the layers she loved to wear around those days. Her belly woke up and she felt appetite for comforting food. She was just coming out of two difficult busy weeks and her body was trying to balance through physicality what emotionally she was lacking, thus unconsciously she wanted to enjoy something sweet and toothsome. Her decision for breakfast didn’t take long, as normally Hannah knew what she wanted, a sweet bagel appeared in her mind, in all details even of temperature, taste and colour. She was completely sure of getting that bagel and, given the importance of satisfying her craving since all else had been complicated for the last two weeks, she decided it would be her priority to get such desired item that morning.

She walked to the bakery with confidence and even some expectation, she was aware of everything though already anticipating the moment when she would receive the warm bagel with the sweet mini-kit of cheese and marmalade that normally accompanies it. Suddenly, right beside the bakery she was heading to there was a restaurant with a promotion of a pumpkin muffin plus coffee -in accordance to the season although rarely in offer because this particular flavour is one of a foreign culture and therefore, not so easy to find. Hannah saw the news with surprise and excitement because pumpkin was one of her favourites and, although it was not what she had first in mind, it could turned out to be a much better choice.

She went in instinctively and directly to the stand with all the variety of buns and pastries. Hannah gazed the muffin in excitement, she hesitated just for a brief moment, however, the look of it was splendid to her, the texture was buttery but not greasy and the colour an even caramel that combined perfectly with the pumpkin seeds at the top. Then, without hesitation, she asked for this unexpected pair that seemed to be improving her morning more and more. Although time seemed to go slow, Hannah didn’t have to wait long before she had in her hands a hot cup of coffee and the warm pumpkin muffin. The smell was sweet, utterly delicious and, suddenly, she had in mind not only comfort but memories of a past time in her life when she had felt whole in happiness surrounded by friends, love and a desired lifestyle, just the power of that smell had put her in acceptance of that remembrance when time, space and people had been perfect. The comfort turned into revelation and Hannah felt as if she had just discovered something essentially important to her life from an insignificant opportunity of excitement as a breakfast can be.

She was so glad the pumpkin muffin had come in her way! Hannah took a small bite of the sweet bun and a sip of coffee and became whole in acceptance, then acceptance turned into joy, that is exactly what she needed! Hannah wished for one thing and this option appeared unexpectedly given her not only the comfort she was seeking but so much more for her mind and heart, what a magnificent surprise! It reminded her of the life she desired, could and should live! Thus, Hannah accepted it all for the sake of happiness.

Pumpkin Muffin with a Cup of Coffee


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