DAY 12

Freya´s Tears by Gustav Klimt

To Laugh Again by Bob Salo


The loudest cries of tears and laughs are those from our inner-self and yet, they don’t produce any sound except for the echoes that bounce as feelings, inner voices and sensations throughout our bodies.

Whenever we feel happiness, the sensations in our bodies might be those of lightness and warmth as well as an abundance of energy and a continuous flow of ideas, dreams and hopes. One might even say that our perspective and perceptiveness broadens and we feel as if a large amount of light took hold of our bodies. The voices we hear at those moments speak sweet tunes of love, kindness and compassion for oneself and one’s own surroundings, these happy cries announce the arrival of joy with a clear message of taking delight in every moment we experience as well as in the results of what we have created, both in the physical and in the immaterial worlds. This message is hard to ignore because its presence is so notorious in ourselves that the only possibility is but to let it flow in a laughter that reaches all the people we love. This inner call is a seducer of our senses almost inevitable to reject and always to be pursued.

And so is the cry of happiness, loud and clear, exciting and adventurous. But our selves have another high-toned speaker: sadness. Its cry is sharp and cold, whenever our bodies experience that emotional state, they might find themselves in a general and incomprehensible pain, furthermore our consciousness feels tired which puts our awareness to sleep. Hence, movements are slowed down and thoughts are clouded as we struggled in despair for some understanding. The loud silence and emptiness become outrageously present announcing a vacancy in our hearts and minds that, if looked from its gray brightness, has the intrinsic possibility of quiet reflection, of death for rebirth. This might lead to a period where those situations that got us in this low energy mood can be put in the centre of the void to be observed. Many reject this condition but one could realise that our souls also depend on these moments to learn and reinvent themselves towards the happiness they look for. In this journey, one encounters a cry that is constant and demands one’s absolute attention. It is exactly then when one can practice and develop the strength of spirit that will bring all those reflections to a resolution by approaching them with compassion.

Thus we pass through coldness to warmth again, hoping that each part of the journey was worth it and that when we emerge from that rhythm we might find again the people we love who will be the receivers of our purified love.

The Cries of Virgins by Picasso



Two faces showing joy and laughter by Bernard Picart

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