Morning Mist in the Mountains by Caspar David Friedrich

A Tale of Order and Chaos…

In the morning one wakes up, perhaps in the commute one smokes a cigarette, go to work, do what one has to do –everything proper– and comes back home. But just then, at that time of freedom after everything that has been dictated as necessary happens, one has the opportunity to leave the rope behind. It might be the case that our actions in liberty might not be deemed as the best, but for one is the right thing to do. One could have a glass of wine… Or two, it doesn’t matter… Reflection comes to mind, some kind of inspiration, and one thinks about the state of one’s life. Then bedtime, sleep and time to go all over again.

If the routine is not good enough, then refusal to the pattern! It seems that life, as we know it, is just only one! Let’s not waste it in what everybody agrees is fine, it doesn’t make sense to live it as one is told but to reinvent it as one`s intuition deems good -and more than enough! Because in the end, the experiences are for one`s own bank of memories. We have the capacity, and ability, to create adventures out of this chance we have. It might seem difficult to go through it but whatever is worth having has a bit of complication because in complexity we grow and find our own limits, courage and love.

For many life is granted, they exist under a comfortable cover of what is supposed to be. But bravery for people who want to experience life is necessary to tackle the mysteries that come with the uncertainty of our own decisions, thus, life is not granted but the result of freedom. That quality of making our lives ours and deal with the consequences that might lead us -or not- to the ultimate hedonistic stage of our being, which is not determined by any social status or convention but by our own inner wisdom.

Courage! Courage to live life and climb the mountain! For at top we can see a broader perspective, we can breath and recognise the possibilities around us to decide the road we want to pursue in the creation of our own happiness and per chance to impregnate others. Beware that mountain paths are not straight and easy, they require exertion of our body and mind. In the middle of the road one might think about the easiness of our past comfortable lives and the lines that were already settled for us but, with one more bit of courage, with one more bit of intention, one continues and finds in the end… The world of our own existence reflected in the vast beauty of the landscape.  Such beauty and love we might find! Necessary to recognise the same beauty and love inside.

Love! So difficult to describe and conceptualise! Who said it had to exist in only one way and form? One would like to think that, at the top of the mountain, and right beside freedom, one can understand what love is… And expand it into others…

Live life, otherwise, we are lost…

A Wanderer above a Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich


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