Enough, Too Much, and the Journey in Between

A beautiful reading to say good bye to the old year and welcome to 2015!

The Magnificent Something

I’m in the Starbucks at Vauxhall. I just ordered a small skinny decaf latte, which by many measures could be seen as a non-coffee coffee. Sia’s ‘Breathe Me‘ is playing, and it makes my heart want to explode in a million little tears. I feel as if I am holding myself together, keeping all the parts from falling apart, moving forward because I can not face what is back there, remembering that just because everything around me moves doesn’t mean that I am too.
There are times that I don’t feel enough while feeling too much. I feel I am not enough, good enough, handsome enough, with a good enough body or a good enough sense of self confidence. And then I feel too much, too many emotions trying to be processed, too many memories trying to be remembered, too many pains trying to stay forgotten…

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