Following the road to a fulfilling life!

Holstee Manifesto

Sometimes changes come to us unexpectedly, right when you think everything is just in its right place and all those things  you were hoping to achieve are at hand, something happens and moves your world, and it would be helpful if we were able to control the magnitude of those movements, but usually we can’t, sometimes they are little tremblers and some other times they are earthquakes that shake us to our very core. The question now is, after working on all those things you love, wish, desire and aim to be, how can you come out from the shock of such an earthquake? How do you respond to the unexpected event and how do you come out from the debris, stand up and continue your road?  I suppose there is not a definite answer, at least not one that could fit for all people, as each of us is a different whole Universe, although ruled by the same guidelines.

The only way I have found to work every time is to listen to my inner intuition and to follow the road that feels more joyous to me. By this I mean, to start again, step by step: first by accepting that something happened that shook you momentarily, that this event happened for a reason, that even if understanding fails you at the moment, there will come a time when the reason be clear to you, so no need to despair; and start doing the things that you like in a regular basis, soon enough, all those desires and wishes come back to you and as you gradually give yourself to them, the path starts to clear again.

I read recently a quote that goes: ‘sometimes when everything seems to be falling apart, it is actually taking its own place’.  I cannot remember who wrote it, but it was something that stood on my mind as I recently experienced this sort of earthquake. I had been working in entering to a new career for my life, and I was if not utterly content about it, at least walking forward to a better place and more achieved goals. After some hard decisions I had to take by the end of last year, everything seemed to be better and flow exactly in the direction I most wanted. And it happened, I moved to another place and actually made some dreams come true, I knew another life, I could taste and experience what happiness and fulfilment really were for me, however, this was just but a small proof of the sort of life that I want to live. For me to achieve that kind of life I had to come back to where I was and work on ‘paperwork’ and ‘procedures’, everything seemed to be fine, but when the final answer arrived, it was not what I expected.

For several weeks everything was confusion. I have spent my days regaining my energy and trying to enjoy things little by little, doing what I liked the most and keeping in mind that I would stand up again at the right moment. It seem now the moment has come, thanks to a wonderful book (How to find a fulfilling job, by Roman Krznaric)  that I found through interesting information on internet, I have now found the courage, not only to stand up and try again, but also to try in different ways, to experiment, to experience, to dare. For me to do that, I will have to beat my shyness and let things flow.

It is because of it, that I now come close to my followers and people interested in my blog, to announce that I am going to venture in a new field in my life and work on translations English-Spanish-English. This will not be my only activity as I will pursue more studies in English Literature and Film Studies however, it is a field that gives me pleasure and fun. I very much enjoy the process of translating and have done it before, for friends and past jobs, but I never considered it as something I could give myself to, until now. I am very excited about this new adventure, so if any of you are interested or in need of a work, paper, video, etc. to be translated, do not hesitate to contact me through this blog, I will gladly check with you details, budget and put myself to work!

Anyway, if it works as an incentive, I believe that to do the things that you want, is to be open to find a way, and when you are open, the Universe gives all to you.

All the best!

2 thoughts on “Following the road to a fulfilling life!

  1. I feel that we must learn to accept change, to truly be a peace is to accept that everything including ourselves is impermanent. Life is in a constant flux of change. Accept was is for any worry or anxiety will not change what is.

    • Thank you for this comment! I agree with you, we have to accept what is, for everything has an important lesson for each of us. Also, thank you for stopping by. All the best 🙂

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