‘Spooky action at a distance’ in the quantum world

Proof of connections at large distances within the quantum world, in other words within our reality in a fundamental level, is closer than ever. What that could mean for a macroscopic world is yet to be seen. However, it is inspirational to imagine how we could communicate through this phenomenon at a larger scale. via […]

Mind over matter? Core body temperature controlled by the brain

A very interesting article about the response of the body regarding certain kind of meditations that may help humans to adapt to the weather, have other interactions with nature and may even open possibilities for human development. Mind over matter? Core body temperature controlled by the brain.  

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‘Sleeping in a Tree’ / spend your night in a portable tent suspended from thick branches of free standing trees – at the Waldseilgarten H√∂llschlucht in Pfronten-Kappel, Germany / unknown photographer .