I desire to share this nice post I received because there are a few lines that re-sounded in my head: “The moon pulls the seas to her heart…she reflects back the light to the sun”. It is my wish to learn how to live in such a way. Hope you find something that resounds in your head as well.

Our Enchanting Adventure

As promised, I’ll be sharing pieces of the book the Moon Meets the Sun in You. 

Here’s the opening Preface to the book and the title poem that I created to commemorate my son’s 11th birthday.

Life is an amazing gift.

I want you to know this, and I want you to feel this all of your life.

More than likely though, you may have times when you forget the magic of being born human.

Both you and I were born into a world that has redefined the role of humanity on planet earth.

There is a world of justice and peace that is struggling to emerge and it needs people like you and I to play our part in being lightbearers.

Throughout time, men and women have thought deeply about the great questions of life. 

I hope you do too.

I have collected the words and wisdom of those men…

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