Creativity is not only a process of creation, can also be a lifestyle!

Creativity is one of the skills that I appreciate the most, because it not only allows you to create things for/in your life, but also live your life in different ways. However I guess that for many (including myself) creativity seems a skill far too difficult to develop when you are in a big city or with many duties that come to your life as you get older.

For these past few years I’ve been trying to change that scheme in my life and make more space to do the things I love, as I am convinced that be doing what makes you happy, you keep yourself in the road to accomplish all your dreams and have a meaningful life. After clearing some stuff out, the question would be, ‘so what now?’, ‘how can I get in the road of creativity?’ No one has taught me yet how to do it, so ‘where to start?’ Well here is a video of John Cleese talking about the process of ‘Creativity’ and what enjoyed the most, is that after watching this video I realised that this process can be applied to one’s life, so you can live your life in a more joyful way.

For more information about this conference, you can also go to: (March 24, 2013)



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