The key for evolution may be in how we train our Brain

What are the abilities and potential of the human brain? Is a question that has been running through my mind for a long time now, and even if scientific explanations are very interesting and other ‘mystical’ explanations are nice to believe in, none of them have come to a wide and accurate explanation of the human brain and how it works. Many studies are still in process, and the results are every time more interesting.

Now it seems that it could be an explanation of why do we behave different from one another, and if the explanation is true, then there is a possibility of learning another ways of acting and thinking if only we are determined to practice different activities and attitudes in order to train our brains in a different way.

If so, then a gate for the evolution of the brain may be opening and therefore, more interesting things for the human to experience. For now, opening ourselves to the possibility of understanding others by trying to behave like them and actually see the world through the same perspective may be at hand. The question now would be: who dares to learn how to be someone else? and perhaps, even several times over?

Brain research provides clues to what makes people think and behave differently.

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