Yes, indeed. Now more than ever!

Writing Your Destiny

Many of us know this.  When we write our intentions for our life, surprising things often happen.

Last week, I wrote in this blog about the idea of 2013 being a year of integration for myself.  I happen to think much of the world is also in the throes of integrating our inner wisdom into our lives.

In my case, a few days after writing that blog post, I received an invitation to be a judge at the engineering open house at the University of Illinois in Champaign Illinois.  This request completely surprised me since it seemed to come from completely out of nowhere, and I haven’t worked as an engineer for a long time.

I noticed how my family was more excited about this opportunity than I would have expected.  I realized that I haven’t been excited about certain accomplishments of the past. I haven’t integrated my experience of…

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    • It is my pleasure. I really enjoyed your post and, in fact, I have experienced lately a lot of intentions that have come true. So thank you for sharing this with us. It was a remainder for me!!! All the best with all your intentions 🙂

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