So going to a Cave and admiring its surroundings is not a bad idea after all

Check Patrick Latter's blog: 'Canadian Hiking Photography' for more ideas about what nature does to creativity :)

This picture was taken from Canadian Hiking Photography blog by Patrick Latter. For more of this gorgeous pictures, check the website:

Many people look for nature when they are exhausted from the noise and movement of the city. Indeed, I usually look for nature every once in a while when I want to escape of the saturation of the mind and be close to something that can amaze me. For a long time I have also thought that nature is the source of inspiration for many artists and philosophers, and that they should live at least close to one tree, not that I don’t think that the craziness of a city may not help some sort of art, but it seems that to be in contact with nature or isolated, brings outside something within each person.

This year I planned a trip to nature, I always said that I was going to visit a cave and somehow people laughed at this idea because most of them thought I was joking or that it was too crazy. I am now in a foreign country and very close to achieve this plan, that thanks to the below article, doesn’t seem a crazy idea after all. I believe that for the sake of our adventurous spirit and for the well being of our mind, bodies and emotions, every person should be exposed to nature regularly. It is not just that nature can improve our creativity, but also that each person may be surprised of the wonderful sensations that nature provides, if we remain open to receive them.

I have seen a few blogs around here and many of the most extraordinary are from people who likes to go out and adventure themselves through the wonders of the world.

If possible, one day I will try to live in a place where nature be the principal inhabitant.

Nature nurtures creativity after four days of hiking

via Nature nurtures creativity after four days of hiking.

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