So going to a Cave and admiring its surroundings is not a bad idea after all

This picture was taken from Canadian Hiking Photography blog by Patrick Latter. For more of this gorgeous pictures, check the website: Many people look for nature when they are exhausted from the noise and movement of the city. Indeed, I usually look for nature every once in a while when I want to escape of […]

How our sense of touch is a lot like the way we hear

To put attention to our senses is to open yourself to be amazed by life. The next is an article about how and why our tactile sense feels and gets fired, the beauty of it resides in the memory of our skin and the ability to reproduce a certain sensation again without touching the particular […]

‘All humans are closely related’

Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than previously thought. I agree with what many have said, that we all are interconnected and that presence in this world is just the consequence of several universes within, from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos. However, this article shows this relation between humans has links in the […]