I still have hope that couples can create a better future by transcending themselves through beautiful relationships.

Romance in long-term relationships. Science Daily (19 November, 2012)

Romance in long-term relationships

Contrary to widely held beliefs, romance can last in long-term relationships, say researchers.

‘Love and relationships’ is an interesting issue for me because I am convinced that it is one part of the process to keep creating a better world, however talking about this themes seems to be more difficult every day, either because you seem like a corny person or  the theme can derive to a mere description of the kind of relationship one can see in teenage movies, or even worst, the people you talk to may not be interested in such themes anymore . Lately many of my friends and acquaintances have showed no interest in having a long term relationship or getting married (and it seems this word scares a lot of them!) and even though I also felt at one time that these two were unnecessary in our contemporary world, now it seems to me that every day is more important to really acknowledge the value of having this kind of relationships.

I know that our history has showed many unsuccessful cases about marriage and families, and that the social structure that was based in this nucleus failed in many ways, like putting schemes in men and women positions within the family circle, now it seems that many people wants to forget about those schemes and live in a free manner, without attachments, compromises and ‘chains’, and therefore faith in marriage has declined and the desire of professional and individual success has arisen.

It seems to me, and this is something I want to believe, that what we need to change is not being married or not, but our idea of what marriage is and transform that concept in such a way, that the actual process of marriage changes indeed. A little bit alike changing our perspectives of happiness and success in this world. And, why do I think that a change like that would be more positive than abolish marriage? Because love in its essence is a positive feeling that brings, freshness, joy and the incentive to be creators and live in peace and harmony. If we can achieve to live with someone and yet keep that attitude, then the people that we can bring to this world, will learn also to have that attitude, and like a chain, the affirmation and love could be contagious.

The landscape that I’ve seen lately about relationships, sometimes is a bit depressing, everyday I see more people completely engaged in their routines and professions, loosing the beauty of sharing moments with someone else. Grey expressions, dry faces and hopeless feelings are some of the characteristics I’ve seen in this people, not to mention the overwhelming stress and the propensity to different illnesses. Some other issues I’ve even had experienced is the lack of tolerance towards other people’s mistakes, the rejection to accept the other just as it is, an overprotective attitude with the self and the assumption that love ‘hurts’.

I used to have that kind of thinking, and why wouldn’t I if many love stories throughout history can be a summarised as dramatic and unsuccessful events? Well, just as I believe that paradigms of our lives have to be changed, I also think that marriage can be something successful, because it depends on us. We have the power to change the dreadful idea that marriage and families have carried for so long and begin a new way of living with the other, as complements, as see ‘couples’ like the elements that can help to keep balance in the world.

Of course this is a very ample subject, and this is just and opinion … I leave you an article that explains a possibility for relationships.





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