‘Stars are heavenly bodies that originated in darkness’ -Olaf Stampf, Der Spiegel.

The birth of a star. Der Spiegel.

The birth of a star

A German-American Project Peeks into the Birthplace of Stars – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

I am speechless about the dazzling description of ‘The birth of a star’. Even though there are still many specific details to be determined about this phenomenon of nature, it is fascinating to be able to know about a glimpse of the wonderful capacity of the Universe, in which we are part of. And yet, it is strange how little we notice about the sky in our every day lives, how many times do we look up to the sky to really observe it?, is there any moment when we say: ‘oh, today the clouds are being awkward’, or maybe, ‘I see more stars tonight than yesterday’. At least for me this rarely happens.

Not because I just read this article, but lately I’ve been trying to look up at the sky more often and try to acknowledge it as part of my life, as a part of my day, why? don’t know really, I guess  I like it and reminds me that there is so much more than what I see. And now, this text came across, I’m so glad actually.

I found this article, not just informative, but even mystical, it is like the stories of ancient cultures that tried to explain, in different philosophies, the cycle of life; the explanation of the scientists, who are studying the wonders of the Universe, about the cycle of life of a star, resembles that of our own cycle of life according to those cultures. I leave you this article with the next reflection: ‘What happens in the macro-universe is a projection of what happens in the micro-universe’, therefore, we are one within the whole.

Also here it is a trailer of a movie that shows in a very stylish and beautiful way, the cycle of the star:




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