The best technology is no technology

Yates, Andrew. Laura Gallagher performs trampoline, Getty Images Katsushika Hokusai. British Museum. (10 December, 2011)


The best technology is no technology | Culture professionals network | Guardian Professional.

This is one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. It talks about something that has been circling around my head: that we must be more than gadgets and technology, that in life there are more important things than knowing what’s on Facebook or if there’s an easier way of communication on Internet. However, I am not a person against technology (otherwise I wouldn’ be using the web to create a blog) but I do believe than when it comes to creation or the development of something nature knows when to stop, why can’t we?

Lately, and that’s why this blog exists, I’ve been thinking about the capacity of our bodies and our minds. Everyday it becomes more important for me, not to understand  the role of consciousness and what it is, but to use it, to acknowledge it as a part of me, to know consciousness as a part of my body, as something that I can perceive; because in a way, no one has to explain to you what an arm is, and its composition (even if that information is interesting) for you to use it, is part of your own wisdom that you just use it.

I’ve looked the gadgets and technology that we have and made a comparison with stories that I’ve heard of human perception and sensitiveness, and both are so alike, it is like if we knew already within ourselves the capacities that a human has but instead of developing them from our own bodies and minds, we are transporting them into gadgets and technological achievements, because through time we’ve learned to use tools, instead of using our bodies, the latter in my point of view is the key to an evolution instead a revolution.

I believe this article talks about this issue, about being more and more dependent of the tools that we create and loosing the track of why we created them, and even more important to loosing perspective in what we can achieve, not about what a tool can do for us, and by that I mean, what the human is capable to do as an activity of its own self, not to transfer the activity, to become ourselves the control and the gadget, to become a whole.

I believe that the use of technology and the expression of creativity is helpful and important in our lives, but they shouldn’t become greater than ourselves, we should be always before the gadgets, and give them just an accurate importance as tools. It is an ideal purpose for me, that the rest of the energy should be focused on the development of oneself and the discovering of ignored abilities of what a human is. Never loose the connection, and as the wise Nature, to know when to stop.

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