German Archaeologists Explore the Mysterious Cenotes of Mexico – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Following the work of Werner Herzog for ‘Cave of forgotten dreams’, this is another wonderful proof of history based in Mexico. Not only the Mayan culture was beautiful but also what their legacy If you have never been in Mexico, to visit a Cenote would probably be a wonderful adventure! German Archaeologists Explore the Mysterious […]

Bilinguals see the world in a different way, study suggests

I do believe that when someone learns another language, it is capable to see and understand the world from a different perspective. And it happens because that person learns a different approach to things, concepts change and, in a way, it has to learn also to think in that language so that person can be […]

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Real friends stick together when times are tough, they’re always a shoulder to lean on, whether you can see them or not, a true friend might not have money, but they always have a lot of love to give, they like you for who you are, regardless of size, shape, color,…

People control thoughts better when they see their brain activity

People control thoughts better when they see their brain activity. via People control thoughts better when they see their brain activity. This could help people to develop better skills to keep positive thinking and achieve greater things for this world. Shouldn’t be exclusive for pathological treatments.

I still have hope that couples can create a better future by transcending themselves through beautiful relationships.

Contrary to widely held beliefs, romance can last in long-term relationships, say researchers. ‘Love and relationships’ is an interesting issue for me because I am convinced that it is one part of the process to keep creating a better world, however talking about this themes seems to be more difficult every day, either because you […]