Hands that tickle

Claridade by Stephan Doitschinoff

Claridade by Stephan DoitschinoffHands

I’ve just started to practice Hatha Yoga, with no doubt I am a beginner on this matters…

It all started with the idea of practicing meditation so I did it, after a few months I realised that besides meditation I needed some kind of exercise that could involve feeling and knowing my body as many changes were taking place in it, I do not how to explain these changes, I only say that I felt different within. Now those changes are more and more evident as days passed by, or maybe there are not changes, maybe these things were there all the time but now, as I get more sensitive, am noticing them.

Well yesterday was my first day doing Hatha Yoga, I am sure that not all the ¬†movements were accurate but I tried to do the positions as good as I could. After the class I felt really light and relaxed, but something has drawn my attention, I feel tickling feeling in my hands, and not only when they are stay still, but more and more when I feel the air or when I touch something. I’m thinking this is the first step to feeling the energy around me. It is exciting to realise that now I am opening the possibilities of feeling more than my own flesh, but also what I cannot see.

As I continue with my Yoga practices I will post the changes and experiences that happen to me, and if the road allows it to give explanations for them through articles and news that I find on the road.

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