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The Royal Collection, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2012/apr/27/art-weekly-leonardo-picasso (01 May, 2012)

Studies of the foetus in the womb by Leonardo da Vinci

I am sitting in the kitchen at my home thinking about the concept of ‘Energy’ and what really means. I think ‘Energy’ is something that has had a great effect in my life, or at least I am conscious of it now. I don’t want to talk about ‘Energy’ in a mythical-commercial kind of way, but more like something that is all around, that has a space in any theme and that can be studied from different perspectives and yet, all of them may be complementary.

Energy is something that teachers tell us about when we are at school and sometimes we do not put enough attention to understand how basic it is for our lives and even for our well being. Now, I find more than interesting the different approaches a person can have towards ‘Energy’, it can be scientific, environmental, psychological, religious, phylosophical and even mystical. My pursue with this blog is to find different paths to understand what ‘Energy’ is and maybe, if its appropriate, to mix all those ideas to find the best way to use it.

I will start with the basics, and that is: how it has affected my life. A few years ago I watched a documentary that described a science that right now is still on the balance between falsehood or innovative theories. I cannot explain completely all the theories that were exposed in this documentary, first because I would need strong investigation sources, examples and a scientific background; and second because I cannot assure anything since this new science is still going through debates and I am not a professional of the field, however I liked some of the ideas that were exposed. Today I will write about one, the idea that started an enormous change in my perspective of the world, and that curiously enough, has been in the mind of men for a long time: the notion that every person can create its own life and destiny. This a simple idea, that afterwards I found it has been studied by many fields and beliefs. In this documentary they explain that each aspect of our life is determined by the power of thought, which is essentially, energy that goes through our brains creating synapses between our neurones, that finally are translated into ideas, concepts, holograms, images, and therefore actions and perspectives (in really short words, the description of this process takes books and books)

Well, how can that be? How is it possible that thoughts alone could change someone’s life? Thoughts are intangible, abstract forms of expression and sometimes we even believe them involuntary impulses of ourselves. How could we manage those involuntary impulses? How could anyone change the thoughts that are derived by  the perception of their own world? and even more important, could that be possible? could that energy in our brain determine how we will go through this world? I didn’t have clear answers but I had something that could help me clarify my doubts…my own thoughts. I decided to experiment with myself and see if a change could be achieved.

Many things have happened since that day. Indeed, I have changed my perception of the world and my life changed also in many ways. Things I took for granted about my world, have now vanished and in exchange, I’ve made discoveries about my own body, my emotions and even in material terms. Right now I am on the verge of a new life, a life that I always wanted to live, and I am certain that this is the result of the energy that flows in my brain and through my body. Hence, I want go forward and  investigate and write about ‘Energy’, but now to approach myself to that concept from different fields, since I am convinced that is an affair that is present everywhere.

I will not attempt to create a whole theory about this matter, but to share the experience and experiments I go through, and if its possible to reconcile science, which explains how the things of this world work, with a philosophy of life that can give us strength, harmony, poetry and faith.

Hope this blog can add something to your life.



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